Top Companies to Work in California in 2023

Here are the Top 10 Companies to work for in California, along with the brief reason why anyone should look for them in first place


Pioneer in technology and in innovation, for every job seeker it is essential that He or she look for a company which is financially strong and give tons of benefits, Apple fulfills both of these criteria, it also provides flexible work arrangement, and opportunities for career growth, you may get ample amount of learning working at APPLE.


Lucrative Employee Benefits, Stimulating work Environment, culture of growth and innovation, focus on employee career growth and development, you just can’t go wrong with google


Facebook offers competitive salaries, collaborating environment, provide ample opportunities for growth in tech field, your resume will definitely going to shine if you have worked for Facebook


One of the top employers in California is Salesforce which are known for its commitment to philanthropy and focuses on employee development and well being, there are ample opportunities for growth here, and they also offer extremely competitive salaries

The Walt Disney

If you belong to the Entertainment Industry then Walt Disney is a place for you, they offers tons of employee benefits, park admissions and discount, their extremely vibrant work environment, very good place for video editors, animators, graphic designer etc, but getting their might be a little tough because they are top in class


They are known for providing creative freedom and unique work culture, good for people who hates conventional settings, they also offers employees to be a part of entertainment productions


They are known for innovative products, very promising work environment, foster the culture for creativity and collaboration, lucrative benefits and competitive salaries are offered by them


They are best in class for financial software solution, they also provide ample employee growth opportunities and focus on work like balance, they are considered to be one of the top employer in California


It is truly the best place for professional networking, ample opportunities for personal growth and development, they offer competitive salary package with fringe benefits making it extremely appealing choice for individual interested in professional networking and development


Pioneer in Space work, good for people who want to learn and grow themselves in the space industry, it offers fast pace exciting work environment, you make get chance to work on ground breaking projects

Choosing a company can vary based on individual preferences, some people may like the business model of the company, some may like the work culture and environment, pay is also a major motivating factor in choosing a company, it all depend on personal preference, but one need to ensure he or she can align their goals with the goals of the company and what learning he/she may get from that organization and how they see themselves in the next phase of life  

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