Top Tips to Find Jobs in New York

Searching for jobs can never be an easy task, especially when you are finding job in New York, it has a lucrative job market with various opportunities spread over many industries, and it attracts jobs seekers from all over the world, in this article we will share top tips for a job seeker to find jobs in New York

Capitalizing on Networking:

Building connection is really important in New York job market, one should try to build connection by attending conferences, seminars, job fairs etc, LinkedIn and professional job groups are important as well, engagement with similar industry professional can open hidden job opportunities.

Online job platforms:

Leveraging on popular job board such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn for jobs, Indeed and other similar sites can open ample opportunities, but competition here can be tough, it is advisable to search for more local listing of jobs, many job opportunities never get advertised, and it is internally filled through referencing, it is important to ask in your family or friends circle about different positions in their workplace

Direct Jobs:

Many companies never list their job opening on popular job boards, they prefer to list their opening on their company website, it is important to make a list of companies in your area, and then searching each companies and apply according to your requirements, it is also advisable to subscribe to their jobs alert via email

Localized approach:

It is advisable to take advantage of New York vast resources designed to help job seeker, recruitment agencies, career centers, community gathering can expedite your job hunt process in no time, these local center can share insight about your resume, cover letters, job leads for the specific areas and much more.

Resume and Cover letter:

For every job application, resume and cover letter must be align with the requirement of job application, many employers uses ATS system it is advisable to use keyword to optimize your application which enhances the chance of picking up by the ATS, job seeker needs to be smart here, there is no point crafting a solid resume if it doesn’t even land on the hiring manager table,

Online Profile:

Your online profile matters a lot, a professional Linkedin page is much needed, the use of professional language is very important, in today’s digital age hiring Manager always in hunt for professionals who has an online presence, showcasing your skills and accomplishment, professional engagement can really make you stand out from the crowd In the digital world.

Temporary Works:

If you are struggling to find full time work, you build up your experience and profile by doing temporary and freelance work, there are many companies in New York which often hires freelancer and contractor before offering them a full time position


Finding job can be difficult and exhausting at the same time, New York job market can be challenging, a proactive approach increases your chances of success, remember to capitalize on networking, online job platform, local companies website, Building your digital profile, attend jobs fairs and career events, following these tips will increase your chance of success and you will land a job in no time in New York, Happy job hunt !

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